Colourful Seams

Animal Seamed Tights by Jonathan Aston

If you have a penchant for all things animal print, then these are the tights for you!  A modern take on the traditional back seam tights, these violet animal print seamed tights are nothing if not a conversation piece.

Colourful Seams Style

Colourful Back Seam Tights

Seamed tights and seamed stockings are often seen as the epitomy of hosiery elegance, but they don’t have to be that serious!  In addition to the customary black or nude seamed tights widely available, there are also some amazing coloured seamed tights and stockings on the market. If you’re looking for colourful seams, then look no further than Jonathan Aston.

Jonathan Aston Red SeamShop NowThe UK based Jonathan Aston brand is the king of colourful tights offering both plain and fishnet tights adorned with coloured seams.  Red seams, blue seams and pink seams are available in tights, stockings and hold ups so there is definitely something for everyone.

AstonVioletSeam AstonRedStocking

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