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Cervin Seduction Bicolore Seamed Tights

If anyone knows how to do couture hosiery it’s Cervin.  These seduction seamed tights by Cervin are made to a high standard with a vintage authenticity.  Made with an Edwardian 3-thread seam and just 15 denier they are a joy to wear.

Cervin Seduction Couture Seamed Tights

Shop NowCervin Seduction Couture Seamed Tights are available in three different colour options: black with red seam, nude with chocolate seam (as shown in picture above) and finally nude with a striking blue seam.  All feature a sandal toe and pyramid heel to help keep that seam straight!

About the Brand: Cervin Paris

For pure indulgence and luxury, look no further than Cervin who have making beautiful silk stockings for European royalty since the early 1920’s.

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