Mock Seamed Stockings by Le Bourget

These super elegant seamed tights give you the look of sultry stockings without the hassle.  Available in Pearl and Noir colours, these Romance tights from Le Bourget feature a beautiful slender back seam with a small bow at the ankle.

Le Bourget Romance Mock Seamed Stockings

Shop NowThe seam stops around the mid thigh where it is met by a seamless band around the leg followed by a printed suspender and panty effect around the top.  At just 20 denier, Le Bourget Romance seamed tights are sheer, elegant but durable.

About the Brand: Le Bourget Paris

Le Bourget Paris began as a family run company in 1924, and continued as such unti the 1990’s.  It is now owned by the Italian company CSP International, the third largest hosiery company in Europe.

The Le Bourget brand is known for it’s unique and luxurious products – they are certainly not run of the mill.

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